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tirsdag 11. mars 2014

Amerikansk senator langer ut mot CIA-overvåkning

Snowden koser seg nok nå. Lederen for det amerikanske Senate Intelligence Committee, Dianne Feinstein, anklager CIA for å overvåke komiteens medlemmer:
"I have grave concerns that the CIA's search may well have violated the seperation of powers principles embodied in the United States may have undermined the constitutional framwork essential to effective congressioanl oversight of intelligence activities or any other government function..."
Fra Marketwatch:
A top Senate Democrat on Tuesday accused the Central Intelligence Agency of spying on Congress, a brewing controversy that could cause another headache for the Obama White House.
Sen. Dianne Feinstein of California, head of the Senate Intelligence Committee, took to the Senate floor Tuesday to accuse the CIA of improperly tampering with computers used by congressional investigators, breaking federal law and trying to intimidate Congress. She said the CIA has refused to apologize or acknowledge that what it did was wrong. 
Dette er forresten den samme Feinstein som kalte Snowdens handlinger for "an act of treason."

Kanskje ikke så rart at Snowden nå har følgende å si om Feinstein og hennes anklage mot at CIA overvåker komiteens medlemmer:
"It's clear the CIA was trying to play 'keep away' with documents relevant to an investigation by their overseers in Congress, and that's a serious constitutional concern,” said Snowden in a statement to NBC News. “But it's equally if not more concerning that we're seeing another 'Merkel Effect,' where an elected official does not care at all that the rights of millions of ordinary citizens are violated by our spies, but suddenly it's a scandal when a politician finds out the same thing happens to them."

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